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Do you remember not so long ago that Instagram and Facebook went down for a day?

That’s when I decided to really get serious on growing my email list.This is especially important now that algorithms are changing frequently and not always in our favor. 

Now I know some people are reluctant to build their email list for several reasons. Choosing an email provider platform can be overwhelming itself.

I tried out several email service providers and I really like Convertkit. The cost is relatively low and the best part for me is that you do not have to list your address. 

You can use Convertkit’s address and they will forward any mail to you. By law you have to list an address where you can receive mail. This is a nice option instead of using your home address or renting a Post Office box.  

Once you decide on an email provider, you want to build your list. Email is a wonderful way for your list to get to know you and trust that your offers will help them.

It is a direct line to your people and you don’t have to worry about an algorithm determining what they see.  Your list should not only be current customers but future customers.

I know some shopping platforms collect email addresses of customers but you really want to get potential customers on your email list as well.  Using a lead magnet (also known as Freebie/Opt-in) is a great way to gather email addresses. 

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If you would like to checkout Convertkit, here is my affiliate link to the free plan. 

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