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Making Time for Pinterest

Every time I ask what is a struggle that someone has with Pinterest, they tell me time. Time to create pin graphics and write descriptions. People get stuck in their head that Pinterest takes a ton of time to maintain. While this can be true to some extent, it’s not always the case.

In reality, people make time for things that they enjoy and things that benefit them (such as making money).

Now, do you enjoy Pinterest? Maybe not. Especially if you don’t understand it and think that it is too time consuming.

Is Pinterest making you money? Again maybe not. Now why is that? Is your account optimized for SEO? Are you creating fresh content consistently? Are you following best practices?

The better you understand how Pinterest works, the better you are equipped to use Pinterest effectively. And like all things, the more you do it, the faster you get at it.

Now, what are some ways that you can save time? REPURPOSE YOUR CONTENT! Have you heard that before?? This could mean old or new content.

When I create a post for Instagram, I also create one for Pinterest and Facebook. I write my description pretty much the same but change out keywords for Pinterest. Let’s say you create a new listing for a product or service. Take that listing and create an Instagram post, Facebook post and Pinterest post. This could be the same images or different. You can resize your graphics in Canva and add what you need to add for Pinterest!

Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done!


You can’t sell products that you don’t list on your website.
People won’t sign up for your offers if you don’t tell them about them.
People won’t find either if you don’t create pins for them!

Need more help learning how to repurpose your content? My new workshop will teach you how to create pins from content that you already have quickly for Pinterest. I’ll show you my process to save time!

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