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One important part of your Pinterest account is your Pinterest profile. Your Pinterest profile is made up of your profile, photo name, and your bio. You will want to write a Pinterest bio that is clear, compelling and optimized for the search. 

Let’s talk about your bio. It is displayed directly under your username.

You probably know that your bio should include who you are, and what you do.

However, your Pinterest bio isn’t about you. You want to write a bio that focuses on who you are what you do in a way that can help your ideal customer. 

This is especially important on Pinterest because pinners come to Pinterest, seeking inspiration and ideas to improve their own lives. They don’t come to Pinterest to be social like they do on Facebook and Instagram.

Since Pinterest is a search engine and needs to be optimized, it is important to use keywords in your bio.

Include 3 to 5 keyword phrases that your target audience is searching for on Pinterest in your bio. 

If you need help finding your keywords, click here for tutorial. Or you can book a 1:1 consult with me to help find the right key words for your niche. 

To recap:

Your Pinterest bio should be: 

  1. About you and what you do – in the context of what you do for your audience
  2. Optimized with 3 to 5 keyword phrases that your target audience is searching for around your offers, products and/or content. 
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