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When I opened my Etsy Shop, I desperately wanted to sell my products.

I tried constantly posting on Facebook and Instagram, but that was tedious!

It felt like I was spending hours on social media, and MAYBE making one sale a day!

My marketing budget was small, and ads were expensive. Plus, the ones I tried did not bring the results I was looking for!

There had to be a better way! 

There had to be a free way to to drive traffic to my shop and my website!

That is when I discovered Pinterest… and I fell in love with the platform.

Imagine… free advertising, everyday, with ads going directly to my products!

Now, I am passionate about sharing Pinterest with other business owners and showing you how to grow your business… without constantly posting or creating dancing reels!

Creating a successful Pinterest strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful.

No more expensive Instagram or Facebook ads

Pinterest is the answer to daily free advertising!

Hello! I’m Erica and I discovered the power of Pinterest when I started using it for my Etsy shop.

My journey started when I launched my Etsy shop and looked for ways to market it. I learned everything about Pinterest I could because I enjoyed the platform and, of course, getting more sales as people landed on my shop.

Engaging in Etsy communities, I began assisting others with their Pinterest questions. Soon, people asked for my services in managing their accounts and setting them up. From that, my Pinterest marketing business was formed!

I LOVE Pinterest and have seen Etsy shops get hundreds of visits from one Pinterest pin alone. I know the power of Pinterest and I want every online business owner to know what it can do for their business if used correctly. 

My goal is to help you create a Pinterest account that attracts your ideal client and directs them to your website and online shop (like Etsy and Shopify). We will work together to create a marketing strategy that grows your Pinterest and your business.

Does this sound like you?

Pinterest marketing is for you if...

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